Download the Folding@home software

To join the Folding@home public distributed computing effort, simply click on a download link below appropriate for your computer's operating system. Review the notes for help in deciding what type of client (console, graphical, or screensaver) to run and in choosing a user name if any (certain characters are reserved).

How do I choose a username? To check if a name is already being used, use this search tool.

Type your name above (where it says "YourName") to see if that user name is already being used. You can also choose not to have a username and just donate your CPU time anonymously (user name = anonymous).

You can choose any name you like, as long as it contains only letters or numbers (to insert a space, you can use the underscore "_" character). If you choose your email address as your username, we will NOT print your full email address. Instead, just the part before the @ sign will be used in any stats listing, etc.

Please download one of the clients listed below:

Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008
System tray (Systray) client installer with optional viewer
6.23 fd09f54dace35ad79e360678dd2ab915
Released: 2008-11-26
Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008
Console client only zip file (with Windows-service-install option). Uninstall any existing FAH services made with pre 6.23 clients before updating.
6.23 38680dde7b97fd49e51eca3ab0d31a50
Released: 2008-11-26
Linux (x86) and BSD *combined uniprocessor (CPU) and SMP2 client* (64-bit build) 6.34
Released: 2010-02-23
Linux (x86) and BSD *combined uniprocessor (CPU) and SMP client* (32-bit build; 64-bit OS required for SMP) 6.02
Released: 2008-07-02

The OS-X v6 clients have been deprecated and there is no work for them at this time. Please use the V7 client, available on our homepage.

What are the different types of clients? The Consoles run in the background and are launched from a terminal window (command line), to which they output text messages about the simulation's progress. The Graphical client runs in the background and has a graphics window available that allows you to see the protein being simulated. The screensaver runs just like any other screensaver, except that it also runs our calculation in the background.

Beta clients: We often release clients early for donors to beta test. These beta versions likely have some rough edges, but we expect that they should work reasonably well for all donors. See the respective installation instructions for more details of known bugs for each of the beta versions.

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